Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Worthy to be an X-Factor Judge?

If you haven't heard Cheryl Cole's new single, its probably not worth wasting your time; but if like me you were interested in seeing the video that goes with the below par debut solo single. (Heartbreaker with Will.I.AM doesn't count as a debut)

The video did not disappoint, Cheryl is too thin and ruins her normal fashionable self by wearing leopard print pajama pants.

I am an avid Cheryl Cole fan and this song and video really really do disappoint. The song although not great could have been saved by a decent video, that didn't show Cheryl scrawled all over the place or even if it had a plausible inspiration behind it. When you look at the more worthy stars out there for example Beyonce; who recently won Video of The Year Award at the VMA's for Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) where she truely proves less is more.

All she needed was a sexy outfit and a white drop background combined with her fantastic dancing ability. No need to over complicate the idea. Unlike Cole's fussy video. Such a Shame.

BeyonceSingleLadies9.jpg image by xpd154ccc

If you do want to see the video click here:

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