Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sex and The City - Product Placement

So we are all talking about product placement, this is an example of  the eccentric product placement that happens in America. This fictitious ad created specifically for a scene in SATC, where Samantha "creates" the ad to boost her toyboys struggling modelling/acting career.
This ad produced a huge amount of positive publicity for the brand, would this be acceptable here. I think it definitely would obviously not on Coronation Street but something more appropriate.
""This is product placement taken to new heights," said Patrick O'Neill, the group creative director of TBWA, the agency responsible for the work."
The actor Jason Lewis later sued Absolut because he says the company cashed in on the publicity by using it online, they marketed the ad as actual and that the company created a "absolut hunk" cocktail without his permission.
Admirably Lewis stated he has always tried to avoid work connected to  advertising "alcohol, guns, tobacco and nudity" he says the ad should not have been used outside the show. Unfortunately I think SATC advertises all those things bar guns, so maybe this statement is slightly hypocritical, although I do believe they should have gotten his consent before slapping this image everywhere.
Despite all this I think this product placement is amazing, it is so appropriate for the show and for its viewers and aslong as the product placement here is appropriate to the programming it should all work out for the best


  1. haha I posted this ad on my flat mates door in first year to reflect her love for him- her dad was not impressed!! Didn't realise it was created for the show I thought it was just someone taking the mick messing about on photoshop! interesting what you say about the actor's view on product placement when there's so much of it in SATC. he avoids work connected to advertising nudity! ha!

  2. It's really interesting to consider whether product placement can in fact improve the reality of TV programmes- obviously brands are a big part of everyday life and it's unrealistic to try to cut them out of anything that aims to be like real life. However if it's really obvious (like I've sometimes noticed when watching American series on DVD) it can get annoying.. perhaps that's because I'm more aware of it as a GD student, but it actually can put me off the brand because it seems that they're unsubtle and self-important. Also- not good when in situations like this it turns nasty and people start suing each other.

    Thanks for posting the blog- definitely a good point about alcohol's role in product placement!