Monday, 14 September 2009

This is It

How fantastic is this image, so iconic. Such a great way to remember the legend himself. 
This has actually just given me goosebumps. It actually makes me even more devasted that I actually had tickets to go and see him live. This film though looks like a must see, especially as its only in cinemas for 2 weeks.
The composition of the music for this trailer is great, it just reinforces how influential and how brilliant his music actually was and also how his music will live on. This trailer had to be big and over the top and obviously it is, the trailer was shown exclusively on MTV during the Video Music Awards. This is a great example of choice of placement of certain advertisements where better to advertise that on MTV during the VM Awards. Although this was obviously a rushed trailer and film, but has had time and money spent on it and hopefully if I get to see the film (you have to book your tickets in advance) it will deliver the quality and production value MJ would have been proud of.

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  1. Great post.. I had heard of the movie but had yet to see the trailer. I had only seen little clips of the show and it looked good but that was something else, his energy is just extraterrestrial!

    The greatest show on earth... that never was