Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Vitamin Water?

Right, so with my boots meal deal there is a large variety of drinks to choose from; coca cola, evian, milk, etc, etc. The last three times I have been on my lunch break, I have opted for Vitamin Water. Why??

I can honestly hand on my heart say it is because the packaging looks so damn good, its simple yet so obviously effective. The best thing is that I don't even think they work, e.g. raspberry and apple is for defence;  "keeps you perky when your feeling murky." It clearly didn't work for me but yet the next day I went back to boots and bought another, maybe to see if that one would work and I can quite easily admit that the next time I go I will be trying another, because although I don't think the "vitamin' goodness does anything they actually do taste good.

 All these thoughts about packaging and how easily I was led to buy this product made me think would I have still bought it were it not part of the £2.99 meal deal and I can safely say that I would not; as it does cost more than half of a combined meal deal! So that just goes to show that it doesn't matter how good your advertising, if the price ain't right it's not going to shift!


  1. A couple of weeks ago when I was in Covent Garden they were handing these drinks out free from a vitamin water van, really effective way of promoting the brand I thought, as there were loads of people lining up to get one. I also think the packaging is really distinctive and eye catching.

  2. I've come across these quite a few times and I agree the packaging is create, is clear ,concise and is not trying to be too fancy. The drink on the other hand wasn't that great, they are too overpriced for what they are but I guess once a brand sticks sometimes people don't mind paying for what they like.

  3. I first saw these drinks in America a couple of years ago and they caught my eye then- there's something really nice about the big, chunky bottles. The drinks are delicious too!