Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Holly Fulton as Recommended by Victoria Beckham

If something is highly regarded by Mrs Beckham, is it worth a look, well I thought so, as the Telegraph stated:

"Mrs Beckham’s favourite collection was the Art Deco, Empire State Building-inspired collection by the Royal College of Art graduate, Holly Fulton. Crystals, beading and plastic graphics created dazzling architectural motifs on her leather, silk and PVC designs, in black and white, aquamarine and yellow, with matching neckpieces"

So I visited her website to see what all the fuss was about, at first glance you see bright colours, geometric lines, sturdy structures and great attention to detail. She uses bright decorative surfaces as her main focus and she points out: " I am constantly endeavouring to create a challenging yet beautiful surface which pushes the boundaries of modern fashion."

I found it very interesting to see how she works up her designs, she draws each up extensively and works through each with different references with "constant re-interpretation." She uses different types of materials to re-represent her work from crystallized elements to electrical cables, which again brings different elements and ideas to the design.

Her main influences are Art Deco and Bauhaus with there strong forms and cubist fashion is another major theme she enjoys. Obviously from her designs there is a lot of surface decoration which is beautiful yet time consuming.

I am loving this designer right now, if you want to see her full catwalk show at the London Fashion week visit:

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