Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Gold is desirable.

Gold is at its most valuable right now and don't I know it. My Gosh! How many ads have been put on each channel from several different companies asking people to trade gold in. Here are just a few logo's from the companies I have seen advertised on day time telly.


Cash4Gold Logo  postgoldforcash.com

This is such a good example of advertising that meets the demand of this economic climate, especially as one of the photos used a stock photo as its logo. They have been generated quickly and have not had that much money thrown at them as you could tell if you had seen them. The day time television viewers, the stereotypical; no job, no money, would love these advertised asking you to send in your gold to make a quick buck, although they don't state what type of money they will make on YOUR gold.

I am getting a bit bored of them now and unfortunately I have no gold to send in so I could make a bit of money!

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